How AI can change the world

Artificial intelligence

Haven’t we heard the questions and fear surrounding the AI, identical to the time when computers were first introduced in our lives? How will computers change our life or world, for better or worse? Can we imagine our life without computer? Not at all.

The way computer has changed our lives, the same way AI is on the road to change our world. For Better, Of course!. Any technology that permeates human life is often seen as a threat to human existence. However, as application of AI begins to simplify our life, we begin to enjoy it.

Commuting and transportation

Humans are bound to do errors. Sometimes these errors have resulted in fatal consequences. With the application of AI many consequences can be saved. While driving, drivers can get distracted leading to mishaps. Automated cars or driverless cars can be safe bet there. We are already using automated trains/driverless trains in Europe. Boeing is on the verge of developing autonomous jetliner. There are times when we do not want to drive. How good it would be to have cars that could just drive us, and we could simply enjoy sitting.

Life savers

The life span of we human beings have increased, thanks to good medical facilities. However, it has also created dependency of old people on others for care. We want to take care of our old parents and due to life pressure, we have not been able to do. There has always been a guilt to depend on care takers, who may/may not be taking good care of them. The old people feel agitated and depressed with people who take care of them, and sometimes are helpless as no one is there to take care of them. Same is true with young children. Parents must leave them with caretakers, while always worrying about them.

Here AI pitches in as life saver. They can, not only take good care of old people, but also physically challenged and disabled people, and have no grudges what so ever. They can help them with all their activities, like feeding, cleaning, assisting in many works.

At the same time, AI can also replace and save humans in risk related or dangerous fields, like mining, clearing mines, handling radio active materials, working in very high or low temperature conditions.


Cyber security has become one of the most critical area of concern for all departments. Around 554 million breaches have been observed in 2016 alone. How can AI help? AI can, by their self-learning capabilities predict and control theft.

We have often heard breaches in security, resulting in a terrorist attack. People can be bribed or manipulated into performing certain actions, but there is no chance of such things in AI. They can diligently perform task without any loopholes.

On the personal front, we can be at the risk of theft. Hence, we bring in manpower to protect our homes. However, we have not always felt 100 % rested. Now, with the availability of AI security devices, we feel 100% secure and free.


We cannot finish the story without discussing how it will impact our bread and butter. Our living depends upon our occupation. Businesses have taken a complete U-turn or face lift with the incorporation of AI. The whole level of doing business has changed. No more fretting and wasting time on uncertainties- like whether this plan will click or not.

Your plan is ready to roll with AI. AI does all the market research, product analysis and promotes your business at best. It not only helps you to identify the market, best for your product, but also helps to execute and convert.

With the help of data available, it can analyse and predict the behaviour pattern of people. With man force, there is login and logout schedule, but AI can work round the clock, and trust me without complaining and asking for extra pay.

There are some works that are repetitive and tiring, which can be easily performed by AI. AI can keep our businesses, organized and updated.

So, now that I have finished the work, I am moving to my house. Planning my evening chores. What do I find? Wow, this is awesome. After a tough working day, you have always wanted this. Cleaned house, soothing music, delicious home-made food, and last but not the least a foot massage. Brilliant! Hmmm… you are getting all these soon.