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IOT Designing

IoT continues to gain tremendous momentum, and even more organizational interest, to the tune of multi-million dollar investments. It’s both exciting and surreal. Exciting because of the potential to create intelligent environments. And surreal because many people still don’t know what IoT is, what it means, and why it’s important to them. And it’s this very mystery of IoT that should guide the next wave of IoT experiences.

The major applications of IoT are in:

Internet of things
  • Medical and Health care where remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems can be implemented
  • Transportation where remote monitoring of fleet, smart traffic control, smart parking and smart electronic toll connection systems can be implemented
  • Manufacturing by implementing digital control systems
  • Home Automation where the home appliances can be controlled remotely
  • Agriculture where data like humidity, temperature, moisture can be collected
  • Metropolitan Scale Deployments like Smart cities
  • Energy Management like smart metering, smart street lights
  • Environmental monitoring for Air Quality Index

As IoT continues to enter the mainstream, it needs to elevate beyond the technology, beyond the novelty of simply being connected. The value of IoT products needs to be clearly understood by consumers and seamlessly adapted to their lives. IoT enhances

  • Operational efficiency
  • Workforce productivity
  • Provides Automation apps for devices/machines
  • Helps in production planning
  • Monitors performance
  • Tracks sales
  • Secures real-time information
  • Market analytics and many more.

This is the challenge that all IoT products and/or experiences will need to solve, and why traditional UX/UI designers will play a key role in IoT’s continued evolution. For IOT designs we follow the five principles critical to IOT design:

  • Prepare for Evolving User Actions
  • Leverage what you already know
  • Create contextual experiences
  • Account for premeditated actions
  • Connect People
  • We have got a dedicated team of experienced resources who follow the above principles in designing an IOT product for our customers and making it a success.